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RP01 Website Review Review of the website
RP02 Bob Oswald Profile Biography of The Runemaker
RP03 Orignins of the Runes Brief outline of rune history
EB28 Runebodian Rune history, divination, casting, meanings, interpretation etc
EB29 The Rune Reminder rune meanings & interpretations plus 11 related articles on points of interest
EB31 Activating & Working with a Runic Gandr Using a gandr (wand) for rune magic. Advice on methods and rituals
EB32 Dowsing with the Runic Pendulum Pendulum dowsing system using a runic pendulum
RP05 The Futhark for Beginners Introduction to the Futhark (rune alphabet)
EB30 Spreads and Casts for the Rune Diviner Spreads (layouts) and casts for rune divination.
RP07 Writing with Runes How to transcribe English letters into runes
RP08 Fehu in Depth Comprehensive description of the rune Fehu
RP09 Learning the Futhark Mnemonic tips and tricks for learning the Futhark
RP10 Uruz in Depth Comprehensive description of the rune Uruz
RP11 Drawing You Own Runes Graphic representation of the runes
RP12 Thurisaz in Depth Comprehensive description of the rune Thurisaz
RP12a Sounds of the Futhark Pronouncing the runes
RP14 Ansuz in Depth Comprehensive description of the rune Ansuz
RP15 Constructing a Vé for Rune Work How to create your own rune work-space
RP16 Raido in Depth Comprehensive description of the rune Raido
RP17 Building  a Harrow How to construct a runic altar for your Vé.
RP18 Divination with Runes + Example Reading by Freya Aswynn Runic divination for others including an example reading.

If you are mostly interested in the meaning and interpretation of the runes you can have "The Rune Reminder" eBook at US$5.95 delivered right away to your email address, to order your copy now. The 40 page e-book is designed as a memory aid for rune diviners. The full color illustrated pages give the meanings, interpretations and associations with colors, gemstones, trees and herbs etc. for each rune. The eBook also includes 11 original single-page articles on various points of interest that are not available anywhere else.


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