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Bob is the owner of 13 rune-related websites including and, two of the web's most popular rune websites. He has written three hard copy books and numerous e-books on the mystic use of runes, lectures regularly on the subject, and carries out research and translation work for a major British auction house. He is a dedicated student of Anglo-Saxon culture and much quoted on the mystic use of runes in Britain.

Bob first got interested in runes after seeing the Bewcastle monument as a teenager. "My father was a Geordie," says Bob. "He was a brilliant mathematician and engineer and he knew everything. At least I thought he did!

"But when I spotted that monument in a Cumbrian churchyard and asked him what the writing on it was, he was stumped. This made such a big impression on me, I determined there and then to learn all about the strange angular symbols that were unknown to the great and wise Tom Oswald."

And so, for half a century Bob has searched, prodded and squirreled away every piece of runic knowledge that has come his way.

Starting with scientific runology - the archaeological study of runes and their application purely from the historical point of view - he then moved on to read the mystic writings. "Here, I found that much of the published work on the mystic use of runes is supposition, inspiration, and downright guesswork," Bob says. "Whilst the early Germanic and Norse runes are well covered, little has been written about the Anglo-Saxon runes. So, I decided to carried out my own research to establish an authentic arrangement of runes that would accurately reflect their mystic use in Britain."

Bob's handcrafted rune wares in natural wood were the result of that research. You can find retrospective details of runecasting sets, amulets and a range of other fine rune wares on Bob's main website at But these products are no longer in production.

On the website Bob also describes the early history and development of runes, gives examples of runic monuments and Anglo-Saxon art with some stunning pictures, and catalogues each rune with its interpretation when used in runic divination.


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